News! New School Calendars

IMMEDIATE RELEASE – April 28, 2019   The Board of Trustees for Grande Yellowhead Public School Division, at its regular Public Board meeting on April 24, 2019, approved a new school calendar for the 2019/2020 school year and approved in principle, calendars for 2020/2021, and 2021/2022. Trustees thank all of the parents, students, staff and members of the community who provided feedback on the current 2018/2019 pilot school calendar.

GYPSD piloted a common calendar during the 2018/2019 school year that included a week-long fall break and six staff professional development days.

Surveys were conducted following the fall and spring breaks with approximately 2,200 responses. Highlights from the survey had respondents acknowledging the importance of targeted professional development for school staff and the need for a series of long weekends to ameliorate travel to appointments in urban centres. Two calendar options were presented and 55 per cent of the respondents identified that they preferred the calendar offering an extended spring break and a condensed fall break. 

“The board was very pleased with the number of responses received from the surveys, ” said Board Chair Brenda Rosadiuk. “Moving forward, the approved calendars take into consideration the preferences of our survey respondents.”

Along with many school divisions in Alberta, trustees made a last minute amendment to the spring break dates proposed for the 2019/2020 calendar to avoid conflict with a recent release from Alberta Education of their Diploma Exam dates. 

2019/2020 School Calendar, Approved

2020/2021 School Calendar, Approved-in-Principle

2021/2022 School Calendar, Approved-in-Principle