School Bus Registration

To ensure the safety of all students riding on Grande Yellowhead School Division buses, all passengers must be registered to ride the school bus and students may only load or unload the school bus at their designated stop or school. Parents are encouraged to review the school bus rider rules with their children and communicate alternate transportation plans with your child’s bus driver. Most requests such as alternate stops, or guest riders, can be accommodated with a call to Transportation Services or a note from the parent to the driver requesting the guest to ride.

To determine your child’s eligibility or to register for the school bus, please contact: Transportation Services 780-723-6170 or 1-800-723-2564 or complete the online school bus registration form below.

Eligible Students

School bus transportation service is provided at no cost for resident students who reside 2.4 kms or more from their designated school.

Eligible students do not need to re-register for the school bus each year unless the student has moved or changed schools.

All new students, including kindergarten students, who require transportation, must register for the school bus.

Designated school is defined as the nearest school located within the attendance area, in which the student resides.

Ineligible Students

Students who reside less than 2.4 kms from their designated school are not eligible for school bus transportation, thus they need to register for bus services.

Notes to remember when registering for bussing services:

  • Registration opens up the first business day after July 1st. Registration is online and can be found under
  • Seating for ineligible students is limited and will be assigned on a first-come, first-serve basis.
  • The student must meet the bus at an existing bus stop along the route, and

there is no diversion of the bus from the regular route

  • There is seat space available on the school bus
  • The fee for transportation services has been paid

In situations where the school bus is at full capacity and seat space is required for an eligible student, the oldest ineligible student who resides closest to their school of attendance will be required to forfeit their seat for the eligible student.

To register for the school bus or to determine your child’s eligibility please contact us at (780) 723-6170 or email us at

Interschool Transportation in Hinton

School bus transportation for ineligible students (those who reside less than 2.4 kms from their designated school) is a service offered by the division however no provincial funding is received for the transportation of ineligible riders. Transportation Services currently charges $400.00 per student per year, which is less than 50% of the actual cost to transport each ineligible student.

The division wishes to continue providing transportation service for ineligible riders at the subsidized rate however, we must take steps to reduce the operational costs of providing this service.

Effective September 2017, Grande Yellowhead Public School Division introduced 'Interschool Bussing' where ineligible students who reside within 600 meters of a school are required to walk to the nearest Grande Yellowhead school or designated interschool stop where their bus stop is located.

Interschool routes are an additional run, from one school directly to the students attending school, which happens after the driver has completed their regular bus run in the morning. In the afternoon, interschool students would be picked up at their attending school first and delivered back to the interschool stop, before the driver completes their regular run in the afternoon.

Please contact the Transportation Office to determine your eligibility for transportation within the Hinton town limits and for the designated interschool stop for your child. Please see the maps to show your catchment areas.

2019/2020 Transportation Fee – Subsidized rate $400.00 (payable to the student’s school)

To register for the school bus or to determine your child’s eligibility please contact:
Transportation Services 780-723-6170 or 1-800-723-2564 or register online below.

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