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Annual Palisades Indigenous Camp

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Grande Yellowhead Public School Division (GYPSD) was proud to co-host the annual Palisades Indigenous Camp for Educators at the Palisades Stewardship Education Centre in Jasper National Park from October 7-9, 2019. The multi-day camp focused on sharing Indigenous cultures, values, and language through ceremony, storytelling, art, and other strategies, which were led by Elders, Indigenous cultural teachers, and experienced facilitators. Participants included GYPSD teachers and teachers from around the province, Elder Dorothy Courtereille, Elder Loretta Belcourt, and Elder Herman Sutherland, Indigenous cultural teacher, Tom McDonald, Etienna Moostoos-Lafferty, ERLC Facilitator, Palisades Education Coordinators, and representatives from the Hinton Friendship Centre. Renay Woelfing, the Division's Indigenous Education Manager, and Mary Andreassen, GYPSD's Teacher Consultant for Indigenous Relations, were the key organizers for the Camp. "Participants learned on/ about/with the land, made fish scale art, learned about treaties, intergenerational trauma, resources, indigenous games ...and so much more. We all left with open hearts and minds, and more friends and colleagues to walk with," said Andreassen. Please visit the Division's Facebook page to view more pictures from the Camp.  

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