Facility Services

The operations and maintenance of school infrastructure is recognized by the Government of Alberta as critical to high achievement in teaching and learning. Specified funding operation and maintenance is therefore provided to Alberta's school divisions to meet the operations and maintenance needs of school division buildings and property.  These funds cannot be directed toward instructional or administrative equipment or personnel.

Grande Yellowhead maintains this funding at a divisional level and is responsible for all school facility infrastructure including classrooms, gymnasiums, playfields and play structures across the division. Messages can be left before or after office hours at (780) 723-4471.


Facility Services Personnel

Ken Baluch
Managing Director - Facility Services and Transportation Services
780-723-4471, Ext. 119
Email at: kenbalu@gypsd.ca

Brian Orge
Assistant Director - Facility Services
780-723-4471 ext 125
Email at: briaorge@gypsd.ca

Yvonne Furegati
Secretary - Facility Services
780-723-4471, Ext. 118
Email at: yvonfure@gypsd.ca